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[Solved] File Explorer Search Not Working in Windows 10

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How to Add Network Folders to the Windows Search Index.

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Next you have to map the folder as a drive in Windows You can do this by opening Explorer and then clicking on Network at the bottom. Find. I have two Windows 10 PCs whose search isn’t functioning properly. One of them is running on and one is running Under the Folder options go to the Search tab and under how to search check the “Don’t use the index when searching in file folders for system.


The 17 Best Free Search Tools for Windows 10 – Necessity: Back up Windows 10 to USB


Depending on how many files have been added, it could take some time before you start seeing the results. Also, note that for certain file types like Word documents, it also indexes the contents of the files, so you can search inside text files, etc.

Also, be sure to check out my post on how to rebuild the search index in case you are not getting all the desired results when doing a search. Founder of Online Tech Tips and managing editor.

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My first thought was that something on the PC is blocking the network. And, I have to manually change it. No reason other than a possible MS update. My second thought is to verify that the users’ domain credentials are unmolested on the DC. Same for the PC’s. Looks like you already tried the options I would have checked. Thank you both for your suggestions. Jessevas how can I check their AD credentials are unmolested?

The users in question can access the network and use the drives. They just can’t search the network drives. I may have to reset Windows or run a scan to see if there are any bad files within Windows. This is very odd. Again searching locally works perfectly. Because your search works locally, you cannot exclude the other side of the network connection or the network itself as the culprit. Because others can do it, doesn’t indicate the problem to be local to the machine, either.

I would go into AD and look at the user and machine settings to make sure that there isn’t any issues on that end. Anything even as simple as a static discharge can flip an odd bit or two here or there.

You never really know. You just need to input the keyword and press Enter. This is a rather useful tool when you forget the specific location of the file or folder, or there are too many files in the selected folder.

If you are bothered by the same problem, you are at the right place! Here are 10 feasible and easy ways to help you fix File Explorer search not working. If you encounter File Explorer search not responding, the first thing you can do is restarting your File Explorer. In the pop-up windows, find and select Windows Explorer process, and click Restart button. Besides, some users have fixed the issue by restart the Windows process SearchUI. Just go to Details tab in Task Manager , right-click the process and click End task.

Then, this process will be restarted automatically. The problem might appear if the Windows Search service is disabled. Step 2 : Input services. Step 3 : Locate Windows Search service in the Name column. Double-click the service to open its Properties window.

Step 4 : Make sure the Startup type is Automatic. If not, choose Automatic from the drop-down menu. The Service status should be Running. Otherwise, click Start button to run the service. Step 5 : Click Apply and OK to save the changes. If you cannot find your files or folders by searching in File Explorer, perhaps the search options are not set properly.

Just follow the steps below to make changes for it. Step 4 : In the Folder Options window, switch to Search tab and check Always search file names and contents option. Then, restart your computer to take effect the changes. This method works for most of the uses who are facing the problem. But it fails to fix the issue for you, try the next solution. If this is applicable to your case, you can try changing the setting to fix the issue.

Then, right-click the involved drive under Devices and drives section and choose Properties. Follow these steps to get it enabled:. Download Windows Search 4. Only download it from Microsoft. Now back in Indexing Options , click the Modify button. This is where you’ll select the folders that need to be indexed. Drill down to the folders that hold your FileCenter data and put a checkmark next to them.


[SOLVED] Unable to Search Network Drives – Windows 10

Then, right-click the involved drive under Devices and drives section and choose Properties. While you can always rely on the Enhanced Search Mode in Windows 10 , third-party apps have their place. If you are bothered by the same problem, you are at the right place!

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