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Compute Engine provides public images with Windows Server that you can use to create instances. For more general information about Windows Server instances and Windows applications that you can run on Compute Engine, see Windows on Compute Engine. Windows Server images are premium images, and using them results in additional charges. To create an instance with Windows Server, specify the image family for the specific version of Windows that you need.

For a list of the available image families, see public images. If you plan on using Microsoft Active Directory AD with your new instance, make sure the instance name is no longer than 15 characters, to meet the stated maximum name length restrictions of the system.

As a result, you might encounter the following error when trying to sign in as a domain user: The Security Database on the Server does not have a Computer Account for this Workstation Trust Relationship. This section describes how to create a Windows Server instance that has an external IP address. Your VPC network must be configured to allow access to kms.

Go to Create an instance. To create a Shielded VM Windows instance, do the following:. Optionally, to change the VM’s Shielded VM settings, expand the the Networking, disks, security, management, sole tenancy section.

Then, do the following:. If you want to turn off integrity monitoring, clear the Turn on Integrity Monitoring checkbox. For more information, see Integrity monitoring. Use the compute images list command to see a list of available Windows Server images:. Use the compute instances create command to create a new instance and specify the image family for one of the Windows Server public images. If you chose an image that supports Shielded VM, you can optionally change the instance’s Shielded VM settings using one of the following flags:.

Integrity monitoring lets you monitor the boot integrity of your Shielded VM instances using Cloud Monitoring. To create an instance with the API, include the initializeParams property in your instance creation request and specify a Windows image. For example, your request body might look like the following:. If you chose an image that supports Shielded VM , you can optionally change the instance’s Shielded VM settings by using the following boolean request body items:.

Integrity monitoring lets you monitor and verify the runtime boot integrity of your Shielded VM instances using Cloud Monitoring reports. For more information about creating an instance, read the instances. Before you can create a Windows Server instance that has only an internal IP address, you must verify or configure routes and firewall rules in your VPC network to allow access to kms.

When you create a new instance by using the gcloud CLI, you can use the –no-address flag to ensure that it is not assigned an external IP address:. Because this instance does not have an external IP address, you cannot connect to it directly over the Internet. For Windows activation and renewal, your VPC network must meet the following routing and firewall rule requirements.

Your Windows instances must be able to reach kms. You can use the default route in your VPC network to route traffic directly to kms.

If you remove this route, or if you plan to do so in the future, create a custom static route with destination Either the default route or a custom static route as described above will permit instances with external IP addresses to reach kms. That IP address, The implied allow egress firewall rule allows instances to make requests and receive established responses. Unless you have created custom firewall rules that deny egress, your Windows instances can communicate with kms.

If you customize firewall rules, it’s a good practice to create a high priority egress allow rule that explicitly permits communication with This way, as you modify your firewall rules, you won’t accidentally disable Windows activation.

The following gcloud examples creates the recommended allow egress rule with the highest priority:. Windows instances experience a longer startup time because of the sysprep process. The console might show that the instance is running even if the sysprep process is not yet complete.

To check if your instance has successfully started and is ready to be used, check the serial port output with the following command:. If you have Windows instances with image versions v and later or with agent version 4. The config file is in INI format, and is located at the following path:. The system overrides configuration settings in the following order of priority from the highest priority to the lowest priority:. For example, if you can enable the accountManager feature in a config file, your instance ignores parameters that you set in custom metadata to disable that feature.

One benefit of setting these parameters in the config file is that those settings persist when you create a custom image for a Windows Server instance. Instance-level custom metadata does not persist beyond the life of the instance.

Disabling the account manager also disables resetting passwords with the Google Cloud CLI or the console:. In custom metadata, set disable-account-manager to true in metadata. In custom metadata, set disable-address-manager to true in metadata. In custom metadata, set enable-wsfc to true in metadata. Specify the IP address of the internal load balancing instance for failover clustering.

This is an advanced configuration that you don’t need to set for a dedicated failover cluster. Normally you use an instance of internal load balancing to direct network traffic to one VM instance at a time. If you add a second instance of internal load balancing that uses the failover clustering VM instances as part of a load-balanced website backend, you would have two internal load balancing IP addresses. If failover clustering uses This disambiguates which address is in use for the cluster.

In custom metadata, set wsfc-addrs to a Set the failover clustering agent port. The default port is You need to specify a port only when you want to use a different port:. In custom metadata, set wsfc-agent-port to the port number. Older images do not use a config file and only have a subset of features. Image versions between version v and version v , or Windows agent version between 3. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

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Windows server 2012 standard kms key free


They can be used as product key when installing the OS in Enter the product key to activate windows:. Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit. View profile. Sune Thomsen. Lars Lohmann Blem. Thomas Frederiksen. Michael Nielsen. Henning Hofflund. Martin Vittrup Henriksen. Go to mindcore. Windows 8. Lars Lohmann October 9, Return to our Tech Blog. Share this post. Table of Contents. Categories: Windows , Windows Server. Search blog posts. Linkedin Youtube Twitter. Linkedin Twitter.

Infrastructure architect consultant with focus on Endpoint Management and Microsoft Sentinel. Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows Server on , and extended support will end on After you install, you have days to use Windows Server R2 Evaluation. So you read this article to know how to upgrade Windows Server Evaluation to full. So I type: slmgr. With this method, you can activate both Windows Server R2 bit and bit within days.

In such cases, the operating system has been installed with a day trial key. Once this time period elapses, the operating system can no longer be used.

This guide will show you how to change the product key for your Windows Server environment. When your operating system is in trial mode, a default product key is installed.

You can now install the new product key. To do so, go back to the Run box, and enter the following command:. Source: Microsoft. To associate your key with our automated activation system, enter the command below in the Run dialogue box:. Please feel free to give any suggestions in order to improve this documentation. Whether your feedback is about images, content, or structure, please share it, so that we can improve it together. Your support requests will not be processed via this form.


How to Activate Windows with your KMS Server – KMS License Key List.Appendix A: KMS Client Setup Keys | Microsoft Learn


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